The Old Rectory Kindergarten

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The Old Rectory Kindergarten 2-3 Room

The room is open plan and has access to our wonderful outside play area which the children access throughout the day. Kate the room supervisor ensures that the little ones in her care are given the opportunity to explore 'messy play' daily and is a big advocate of outside play. She always has lots planned for a busy fun day with the children having free access to toys they choose to play with.

The children in the 2-3 room are provided with a 'self service' lunch, encouraging independence. They pour their own drinks (spillages don't matter, it is all part of their learning) and have free access to drinks throughout the day. Snack times comprise of various fruits, raw vegetables or breadsticks. Meals are served 'Al Fresco' weather permitting and tea times provide an opportunity for a picnic on the grass.

The staff in this room work closely with parents to establish a potty training routine that works both at home and at the Nursery. Prior to their move to the Pre-School room, around their third Birthday, children will go on visits to this room. There is no set length of time it takes as each child settles differently. This will be discussed with parents so that we can make the smoothest transition possible.

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