The Old Rectory Kindergarten

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The Old Rectory Kindergarten 0-2 Room

We operate a Key-worker system with one person responsible for the daily diaries, planning and profiles for the little ones in their Key-worker group.

Our open plan room is divided into areas suitable for different types of play eg:- messy play, sand and water and large indoor toys such as soft play cars and rockers. The front room is dedicated to the younger babies whilst the rear room accommodates the older babies. The room also has direct access to a safe outside play area which the children use daily.

We also have a 'sensory room' in our baby area which the children love and this also helps our new little ones settle. During the day the children are given the opportunity to explore many types of play including 'messy play' (i.e)- Jelly, porridge, gloop, painting and sand etc. Individual sleep patterns are respected and don't worry if your little one sleeps through lunch, they will be given their meal when they wake.

Children are read stories and sing rhymes throughout the day. The baby room also has direct access to the 'little squirrels' 2-3 room. so when the time comes for your little one to 'move on' their transition is made easier as they 'visit' for a few weeks or months (or however long it takes) prior to their move to the 2-3 room.

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