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Talk, Listen, Read, Sing, Encourage and Play!

Below are some ideas of activities you may wish to try at home that link in with topics we are currently covering at nursery. The activities are updated each term so be sure to check in regularly.

Don’t forget to upload a photo or video of your activity on to your child’s tapestry account!


Talking and Listening Activity

Discuss daily activities with your child such as doing the laundry or shopping - explain to your child what you are doing and why it needs to be done. Ask your child questions about the activity to involve them in the conversation and don’t forget to give them eye contact so that they know you are listening.


Reading Activity

Time spent reading together brings so many benefits to your child – and you! Through reading, your child will hear lots of words that they might not be as likely to come across in everyday conversation.

They will also develop their listening skills and develop their understanding of how stories work. Rhythm and rhyme are so important for early language development and, luckily, there are masses of wonderful books available.

Encourage your child to talk about the pictures, or to make predictions about what will happen next. For more advice and ideas, take a look at our blog on using storytelling to develop reading and writing skills.


Numbers Activity

Point out the numbers you see when you are out and about and encourage your child to do the same. Look for bus numbers, prices and house numbers. When shopping, ask your child to select the number of apples or bananas you need – they’re helping you out, and learning at the same time.


Singing Activity

Have lots of fun singing songs and nursery rhymes together. Don’t worry about how good your singing voice is! Singing songs and saying rhymes can help your child to develop early language skills.

Have fun with numbers by singing counting songs, such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Once I caught a fish alive. Other songs such as Ten Green Bottles can be especially helpful when young children start thinking about adding and taking away.


Self Care and Imaginative Play

Dressing up and role play are great opportunities for talking and listening and for imaginative play. On a practical level, a fun dressing up session can help your child to practise getting themselves dressed.


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