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Meet Our Dedicated Team

The Old Rectory Kindergarten was established in 2003 as a small family run business. The owners wanted to create a nursery that was a home from home for the children in their care.

Since then, the business has grown into a wonderful team of practitioners that help to ensure that providing quality childcare is still at the heart our of nurseries.

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Zoe is the Early Years answer to Mary Poppins! Zoe has been a qualified childcare educator and worked within the Early Years industry since 1999 and is currently senior manager for both the Rectory and Moorcroft Grange Settings. Often in fancy dress and always seeking to infuse a little bit of magic into the children's day!

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Emma joined us as an Early Years Educator in 2012 and has over a decade of experience working in childcare. Emma brings a calmness to the toddler room and has endless patience with the children. A fun fact about Emma is that she can do a fantastic elephant sound – which comes in very useful when we are singing one of the children’s favourite songs about Jungle animals!

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Lauren qualified as an Early Years Educator in 2010. Whilst with us, she has continued to develop her childcare knowledge by studying for a degree in Early Years. Since graduating, Lauren has started a beautiful little family of her own but still loves spending time with her handsome basset hound who features in the photograph.

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Amie has over 10 years of experience as an Early Years Educator, joining our team in 2014. She entertains our babies with her endless bounds of energy and particularly enjoys dancing, waterplay and exploring outdoors. When walking round the nursery you will often hear Amie leading a fun music session with the babies.

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Mandy has been a valuable member of our team since 2008. She is very popular with the children and not just because of the delicious meals she cooks each day for them. Her favourite part of the job is watching the children enjoy their meals and helping themselves to a second portion! When not at work with our Rectory children, she is spending time with her own grandchildren.

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Clare is valued member of the team with over a decade of experience of working as an Early Years Educator. Clare has a fantastic sense of humour and finds the positive in every situation. She is fun loving and loves getting silly with the children. Outside of work she is kept busy by her daughter and we love being regaled by the latest hilarious stories of how she keeps Clare on her toes.

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Emma is exceptionally well experienced Early Years Educator. She has a wonderful caring nature and has a real skill in providing a warm and cosy environment for the children. Emma is the deputy manager at our Moorcroft setting and is doing a superb job of supporting the team with her calming influence and providing a comfortable environment that promotes confidence. Emma is a doting mother and loves being able to spend school holidays with her daughter.

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Kiran had been working in childcare for two years before joining our team in 2015 as an Early Years Educator. Three words that best describe Kiran would be caring, approachable and patient. She loves getting involved in any creative activity that encourages the children to use their imagination, from reading stories to role play!

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Hannah joined our team in 2018 and had been working as an Early Years Educator for two years previously. She loves taking care of the wonderful babies we have at the Rectory and her favourite activities are messy play, reading stories and setting up the small world area.

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Stacey has many years of experience working in Early Years. She loves to encourage our preschool children’s language, maths and writing abilities. She has a great talent for leading fun science experiments with the children and helping our preschool children to build their social confidence.

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Becky is a long-standing member of the team. She has an aptitude for promoting empathy in our little ones and encouraging them to utilise their independence and problem-solving abilities. She appreciates the uniqueness of each child and encourages them to communicate their own opinions and emotions. Outside of work, Becky has a real family focus and is great with technology – which also comes in very useful for helping out our office staff!

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Louise came to us from a primary school Teaching Assistant background. She always has a smile to share and is fabulous at nurturing our little one’s confidence and communication skills. She loves reading stories and encouraging the children’s own passions. She is a great role model to the children as she is a real team player and is always willing to help!


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