The Manor House

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The Old Rectory Kindergarten Manor House 2-5 Room

Our 2-5 room is a lovely bright room with lots of natural light. The room is divided into different areas to cater for all aspects of play. This allows children to make choices and develop their skills. One area contains ICT, a reading area, role play and construction.

In the 'messy area' children are encouraged to explore media and materials with activities such as sand, water, painting, chalking and malleable available at all times 'making learning fun'. There is also a cosy little 'sensory room' for children to 'chill out' in and have some quiet time. This is also a great space for imaginative and magical story telling by our team of creative staff.

We are especially lucky to have our own soft play room which is a great favourite with all of the children and helps to promote self confidence and physical development. Children can access the bathroom themselves helping to develop independence as with meal times which are self service.

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