Rectory Healthy Eating

Children have a 'self service' lunch, which encourages independence. They are allowed second helpings and our deserts are designed with 'keeping healthy' in mind. We encourage good manners ie- please and thank you and turn taking.

We promote respect for all cultures with our varied and interesting menus. We work very closely with Oracle Catering to provide a healthy menu which the children really enjoy.

Our meals are all freshly cooked on the premises by our two lovely cooks Ash and Adam using locally sourced vegetables bought from Arbour Farm and even closer from our own vegetable patch. Children help to harvest the fruit and veg too.

We have received a 'Healthy eating and oral hygiene' award from The NHS and we promote healthy choices and lifestyle. The children are provided with lots of activities and opportunities to cook and prepare their own snacks.

Children are encouraged to wash their hands before and after meals and snack times as part of our 'keeping healthy' ethos. We love to make a celebration of your childs birthday and parents are welcome to bring in celebration cakes to share.

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