Moorcroft Grange 0-2 room

picture of a blue and cream mouse The baby room complete with age appropriate toys, offers a safe, secure and friendly environment where the youngest children can grow and develop at their own pace. The older babies are encouraged to interact with each other and join in all sorts of activities ranging from story time to messy play.

This room is provided with its own kitchen, directly off the room, which allows staff to meet the individual requirements for feeding of each child. The bathroom and changing area are just a short distance from the room helpful for the older babies during potty training.

An important aspect of our philosophy for babies is that their individual sleep patterns are respected and adhered to. This means there are no set sleep patterns or times during the day and babies only sleep when they require to.

Each child has their own key worker responsible for daily diaries and planning for individual children. All our practitioners in this room work closely with parents to develop a strong relationship ensuring the child’s individual requirements are met.

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