Rectory Newsletter May 2013 : Summer's Coming!

As the weather begins to heat up we will be spending alot more time in our outdoor area. We ensure the children have shade and water available at all times but to further help protect our little ones we ask that parents provide a high factor sun cream and hat so they are free to explore and enjoy the outside area to its fullest.

The Old Rectory Kindergarten, Burslem -Development of the outside area.

After the success of the soft play room at the Knutton setting we decided that our Burlsem setting would also benefit from a similar area. As we have such an extensive outside space we decided this would be the perfect place to build a sheltered soft play area that will enable physical play and development in all weather.It has already proved a big hit with all of the children.

Bugs Ball and Graduation

Our pre-school children are currently starting their transition to school which sadly means they will soon be leaving us and starting their new journey at school. To help each child prepare for their future we carry out topics about going to school including circle times, discussions, role play and stories.

The children will also be looking at pictures and having visits to their new school. In July, at the end of term we host our annual 'Bugs Ball' and 'Graduation' to give our little ones the send off they deserve. Hosted outside the children and staff each dress up as bugs creating a magical atmposphere where children get the chance to participate in a variety activities including face painting, party games and picnics.

Music man Paul will also be in attendance making the day extra special.

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