Rectory Newsletter May 2013 : Welcome to our new website!

We would like to welcome you all to our exciting new website which has been designed to integrate both our Rectory Kindergaten, Burslem and Rectory Manor House, Knutton settings.

The website has been designed specifically to take advantage of latest technologies and user behaviours with a focus on easy navigation and accessible information.

The website is 'Responsive' and the content and structure adapts and flows to the screen size of the device you are using meaning that if you were to change your tablet from landscape to portrait mode the content will adapt to the screen size and even serve up a different version of the website.

We have a mobile design version of the website which is considerably different to the larger screen versions such as laptops and desktops. Our mobile version is designed with the main purpose of accessing information quickly, on the go.
For times when data speeds are slower and device usability and screen sizes demand that the content is more navigable.

Of course, in keeping with the Rectory 'home from home' moto the website has a strong emphasis on design. Fun creatures and nursery mascots on every page and for the children plenty of animations from Spiders to Bee's and Ladybird's on our Rectory Kindergarten section to Dragonflies and Snail's on our Manor house section.

To view the website to it's full potential we advise that you access the website through a modern browers such as Firefox or Chrome. Internet Explorer 10 does not support all animation features and to view these you should use another browser compatible with CSS3 animations.

You can now follow us on facebook and twitter enabling you to keep up to date with up and coming events and activities and keep in contact with staff and other parents plus other industry professionals too.

We hope that you like our new site as much as we do and that it will be a useful resource for you throughout your childs time at our Rectory nursery.

The Rectory Management

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