picture of a blue and cream mouseSheena Reid. The proprietor and mum of four is trained in NNEB and offers over 36 years of experience in childcare. Sheena spends time in each room most days and adopts a hands on approach, outside of this you are most likely to find her outside in the garden along with Alan 'Sheena's Dad'.

Tracy- A Mum of 3 and a Grandma Tracey joined our team when we opened Moorcroft Grange bringing with her wide ranging experience of childcare in a variety of specialised areas including the NHS, as a parenting practitioner, and clinical support for children with varying additional needs at Kemble school Blurton. Tracey holds a Diploma in childcare and education level 3.

Liz McCue- Liz came to us having been highly recommended by 2 of our senior staff from our Waterloo Road setting.

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